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Frequently asked questions

Do you prescribe opioid pain medications?

Opioids are often essential for treating severe, acute pain but rarely effective for chronic pain. Unfortunately, long-term use of opioids too often leads to addiction and other complications. As such, we prescribe opioids very sparingly in accordance with government and professional society guidelines. We generally will not take on responsibility for prescribing opioids from another doctor for any condition other than cancer pain. But with an appropriate referral from your doctor, we do offer consultation and treatment by other means even if you are taking opioids. In addition, for selected patients we will safely wean off opioids while initiating other treatment modalities.

Do you offer addiction treatment or drug detoxification?

Pain Management Specialists is not licensed or staffed to treat drug addiction, and that includes weaning patients who have been identified as having a substance dependency. We do not prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone and others). To find a treatement center near you, call 1-800-662-HELP or follow this link: SAMHSA.

Are there any pain conditions that you do not treat?

We are happy to evaluate most patients with chronic pain, but there are some conditions which either are not amenable to the interventional therapies that we offer, or which we do not have the training and experience to handle. Some examples include primary headache syndromes and fibromyalgia. These and other conditions are best managed with your primary care doctor or another specialist.

What is Privia Medical Group?

Privia Medical Group (PMG) mid-Atlantic is a multispecialty medical group of more than 1000 physicians serving the Baltimore-Washington area. PMG provides the kind of integrated care previously available only in large hospital or HMO-owned groups, without the one-size-fits-all experience that many patients and doctors dislike. The goal of PMG is to improve the long-term health of the people it serves, while holding down unnecessary medical spending, thus generating greater value for the medical dollar. As a patient of a PMG care center, you have online access to your medical records, the ability to communicate online with your medical team, and access to wellness resources through AthenaHealth, a leading Electronic Health Record system.

Why do I get two bills for my procedure?

Certain procedures are performed in an ambulatory surgery center or hospital. When this occurs, a bill for the doctor's services will be submitted in the name of Pain Management Specialists and a second "facility fee" bill will be submitted by the hospital or ambulatory surgery center. Since our Rockville office is immediately adjacent to Comprehensive Pain Management Center, a licensed ambulatory surgery center, often patients assume that their procedure was performed in a medical office when it was not.

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